December 13, 2007
By Melinda Cohoon, Tigard, OR

Inside the core of my heart
I know we shall never part

Because we are kindred spirts, I know you see
One day you'll be a bigger part of me

Though one day we will walk through the valley of shadow and death
But i know you'll be with me beyond my last breath

You are forever my eternal passion
Without you I wouldn't have lasted

Take my hand with the courtesy you behold
We shall be together even when one becomes old

We both been in unessentail distress
But we both came out being the best

With my heart you'll always possess
I know you'll never break it or put it to a test

You hold with in your hands my impaired soul
But you have much love to bestow

I know in time I shall heal
Healing me, healing me with much of your zeal

Your zeal becomes apart of me like no others have
You make me feel like I was never bad

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