January 18, 2011
By Laura Brubach BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Laura Brubach BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Memories draw her eyes open in the morning
reminding her it's time to get up
Memories bring back the failures
and hang them from her smile.

Memories steadily replay
like a bad rerun on TV
Memories taunt her with ways she could fix the past
but then slap her with reality.

Memories have warmed her heart
and returned later to cool it with its icy fingers
Memories have pushed and smile across her face
and pulled tears down her cheeks.

Memories keep her from loving again
and help her recall all his promises
to never hurt her
then gives her aching heart a swift kick

Memories are tucked into her dimples
and shared with those who see her
Memories are embedded into her shirt
and resting on her shoulders.

Memories recall all the crazy stuff she did last Friday
then remind of her of the morals her parents taught her
leaving her full of regret
and wishing she could go back.

Memories are tucked into the mechanical organs of her camera
they hide inside the stuffing of her teddy bear
and sing to her through her headphones
while she tries to forget.

Memories tuck her into bed at night
and promise to stay quiet
yet in the silence
Memories sneak back to say hello.

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