Are We There Yet?

January 18, 2011
By d_zigga BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
d_zigga BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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No, can’t you tell
how we haven’t stopped driving
for years now?
When the car stops, we’re there.

Yes, if what you mean by ‘there’
is the inside of a small, smelly, stupid car
stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic,
then yes, we’re there.

“Are we there yet?”
No, you’ve been asking that
for eternity now.
Every time you ask that we actually
move fifty feet in the wrong direction.

Yes, the gurgle and pop of the engine
should have signaled you we’ve stopped.
The side of a deserted road like something out of
a horror movie was our intended destination.

No, the deep mud surrounding our tires
refuses to let go, and as a result we’re stuck.
Now we must sit through the second flooding
of Earth and wait for Noah and his Arc.

“Are we there yet?”
Yes, clearly we have made it to our destination.
Can’t you see the beach and smell the flowers?
We’ve finally reached paradise,
and time away from you is calling my name.

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