Did You Clean Your Room?

January 18, 2011
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I cleaned it from top to bottom.

I just left all the clothes all over the room
and nothing was put away,
just so you can see what a good job I did at cleaning.

cleaning just happens to be
my golden ticket to get out of the house.

if I cleaned it
then everything would be un-organized.

if I didn't clean my room
then I would get an hour lecture on how back in the day
you had to clean your room everyday.

does my room really look clean to you?
With all the sheets and blankets crumpled up on the bed?

I even shampooed those oh so
dirty, dark, and drab carpets for you Mother.

I just decided to just hire a cleaning crew
they should take care of the job tomorrow.

because I have had time during my day to clean it
after I just got home from a 7 hour school day.

it actually looks pretty decent the way it is.

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