Stained Red

December 13, 2007
By Melinda Cohoon, Tigard, OR

I am looking for you because of your demanor
This time you will be the one stained red becuase you are a sinner

I am searching for you in the dense forest with old willow trees
Hoping that I will find you before someone else becomes deceased

You took women and stole their hearts
This is something you'll always be a part

Singing your song of wickedness
I can't stand your sickness

You stabed them with delight thinking you had no guilt
When they were found they had red stained wilts

Im the only one that knows your true identity
I will kill you, like you did the others, with serenity

The woods seem to be getting darker and is harboring wild creatures
I look through this mysterious grove for your features

I can smell the sent of ginger and cigars
I realize you aren't very far

I become aware of everything around
Because I know you are close to being bound

Outside here it is starting to rain
But this is what you wanted anyways, so you wouldn't complain

I hear a scream near a bountiful amount of creepers
Then I look amongst the growth and I see you and her

Your time is up I shot you in the head
The girl is balling but you are finally dead

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