January 18, 2011
By Anonymous

Today starts off groggy
wishing for another 10 hours
to drift away to
fantasies of fame and fortune

Today starts off empty,
heading towards the pantry,
grabbing the same cereal
it ate yesterday
and the day before that
and days before that

Today starts off cold,
freezing in the shower
realizing the soap is
shriveled up like a neglected flower

Today starts off confused
and distressed and wondering,
"What could I possibly wear?"
while staring at the enormous heap
on the bedroom floor

Today starts off remorseful,
thinking thoughts like,
"Why I am even here?"
before slamming the locker shut

Today starts off bored,
doodling like a five year old
all over the notebook,
while neglecting the lecture
on the endangered Black Rhino

Today starts off baffled,
figuring out why
derivatives and quadratics
matter in life

Today starts off anxious
listening and watching closely
to the ticks and the tocks
of the clock on the wall
hoping the bell will sound
releasing everyone from
this "prison"

Today starts off free-spirited,
sprinting outside with nothing holding it back,
breathing the warm summer air
and soaking in the sun's vibrant glow

Today ends by arriving home,
wishing Tomorrow isn't Ordinary,
instead to be Special,
while opening the book to page 74

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