The Blackness Never Looked So Beautifull

January 18, 2011
By lillymassacre SILVER, Winnemucca, Nevada
lillymassacre SILVER, Winnemucca, Nevada
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The heat and the clouding smoke blazes
across the sky. The wind which sings is voiceless

and still. The smoke is covering the blackness
in the air. The flames are the stinging
of death. The beautifull and despicable somberness
is here. The world has become utterly silent.

Here we are watching in shuddersome silence
in the cold. The flames engulf the blackness
of the night. The shock is so powerful my voice
is gone. The ash falls and stings
my eyes. The dreadful and abominabe blaze
is growing. Everything is stark and somber.

And I'm cold but it is so hot, so somber,
so horrible. The screams and shreiks sting
my ears. Then again comes the unwanted silence

slashing through the air. Again the voices
rise. The wind thrusts the smoke into the black
sky turning it grey. Shadows sway across the faces blazing.

Water falls from the sky the scandalous blaze
is fighting. It brings the wonderous voices
filled with hope. the rain hits my skin, it stings
but it is wonderful. The world erupts in awe, the silence

diminishes. but the grim loathing somberness
still remains. The sky is turning reassuring black.

The smoke is clearing from the heavens leaving the sky black
and clear. The night is becoming less shamefully somber
but still is dreadfull. Everyone is becoming silent
again with hope. The wind regains its disheartening voice
in one final attempt to redeem and salvage the blaze
but it does not succeed. My eyes are begining to sting.

Tears run down faces including mine, they sting
my eyes. The distressing grievously ghastly blaze
begins to die. The dreaded intimidating somberness
is gone. Once more the tremendously dire silence
is broken. The welcomed beauteous voices
erupt in victory. The sky is clear and black.

The blaze was extravagant, it was stung by the rain.

Now the somberness and silence is gone. My voice
is back and the blackness never looked so beautiful.

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