Asylum Insanity

January 17, 2011
By breezygirl27 BRONZE, Bunnell, Florida
breezygirl27 BRONZE, Bunnell, Florida
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Licking my mind,
Stealing my thoughts
Disposing the things I so heartlessly need
Twisting my mind,
Drowning my reason
Burning my soul with a demon's dark greed
Voices igniting,
Screaming for control
Coercing me to just let go,
Ignore the humans,
They hurt more than help,
These voices are all I'll ever need to know
Stab the surface
Smash the glass,
The humans can't keep you here forever
Burn the walls,
These painful white walls,
We'll guide you through this dark endeavor
Voices forces,
Medication is useless,
Fight the one who comes with the drug
Use the knife,
Steal his life,
Show them that you've had enough
Run away,
Watch them burn
Do it now or you'll never be free
The voices are right
Come with us,
We'll taste your dark insanity

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