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Once A Virgin

Once a virgin but now its lost
This happend with such a cost

She withered and cringed inside
Her mother did not abide

Family and friends vanished from her midst
She once was Catholic but now she doesn't exist

She weeps and mourns to be forgiven
Her heart is weighted with the thought of not living

She gets sick to her stomach it twrils and twines
She thinks to herself that she will never be fine

Her womb was then filled with the life of another
She just wanted to die by being smothered

Everyday she knew she had to live with this
All this happend with a deceitful kiss

At that moment she turned her back on God
She was then even less brod

She took her blade and made the final cut
Everyone looked at her as if she was some dumb slut

Once a virgin but now its lost
This happend with such a cost

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angehuertas27 said...
May 15, 2011 at 1:58 pm
wow thats so crazy good poem i really felt all the emotion that was in it good job. if this is related to your life i just hope everything works out for you. keep writing!
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