Random Thoughts

December 13, 2007
By Melinda Cohoon, Tigard, OR

Words coming off the tongue
A little ramble
Simplicity at its worst
Describing love

Waiting, waiting, I’m impatient
Not seeing the future
It’s only the present
Coming together to be one organism

Decrepit codes in session
When will this ever be easy
My true obsession
Why can’t the words ever be enough?

If only “I love you” could explain it all
If only words didn’t fail to make things apparent
When there is a light in the darkest time
Somehow you bring it together

Profession of Perfection
This is the ugliest thing to be
Although it’s accepted (that’s you)
I don’t know why (meaning me)

Obsession of Complexion
This is the most annoying creature
Deflected by greatness (that’s you)
I don’t know why (meaning me)

I don’t know why it’s ok to be me
All I know is it’s apart of humanity
People are seen at their worst
And yet they can still be loved

It’s as if time is evil
Not seeing what you want
Not feeling what you have
But it will somehow happen

This poem is a mess
This world is disgusting
This world is beautiful
Yet I am these things too

This poem is addressed to you
This world is alive like you
This world is disappointing
But I love you.

Even though we both sometimes suck
Me being the operative sucker at most
We still have lots of luck
I don’t know why

I don’t know why I deserve the things I get
Whether it be good or bad
Maybe because the past haunts me
Than I am s*** because of it

You are a good person
You are the great guy
I’ve described you as my temple (to others)
I don’t know why

I do know why
Because I feel broken
Yet somehow you are alive
And as I’ve said you’re the light in the dark

You can be mean
You can be cruel
You can be a butt hole
But I’m these things too

I can hurt
I can be a crybaby
I can be unintelligent
But I’ve made you feel these things also

I’m not always right
I’m not always wrong
That’s not what life is about
That’s not why we live

It’s not why my head is in a jumble
I don’t think my temple (meaning me) has completely crumbled
You’re the most consistent
You’re the most real

I shouldn’t put you on a pedestal
And I’m not
Because you’re human
You’re unintelligent sometimes like me

Also to add on
We are like one
You’re my other half
Not the same, but not so different

It’s ok to be scared
It’s ok to be wrong
It doesn’t make me a bad person
Otherwise everyone else would be ruined

I love you.
I love you!
You are important to me.
You are not perfect but neither are we.

Days aren’t perfect.
They can be deficient
As you see through a microscope
As long as you hold on to the important

You’re important
You’re are wise
You’re my stupid
What a disguise!

You’re cool
You’re kind
You’re really reallllllly difficult

You’re vicious
O wait that’s me
See you are not so perfect
But neither is me (nice English…ftw!)

I’m sorry for the recent
You’re sorry for the past
I’m guilty for the heart ache
But time has passed

Time Time
Annoying as it is
It builds relationships
To make what they are

If only “I love you” could explain it all
If only words didn’t fail to make things apparent
When there is a light in the darkest time
Somehow you bring it together…

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