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January 18, 2011
By Derek4F4 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Derek4F4 BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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I’ve been on the beaches in the pacific,
Listening to music
While sitting in the sand,
Watching waves hit the shore, and at the same time indoors.

I’ve witnessed natural disasters,
Tornadoes in trailierhoods,
Blizzards in Colorado,
Hurricanes in paradise
And survivors from them all.

I’ve seen war and seen peace,
Been involved in death and resurrection
And been on both sides,
Seen all of the fighting over and over
And prayed that it would end.

I’ve been surfing in California,
Hawaii and Manhattan, too.
Hoisted the sails and sailed away,
All In the time it took
To listen to an album.

I’ve played the road,
Touring the country,
City after city,
Waiting for the moment to go home.

I’ve fought against the
Evil of the horde,
Fought against the
Opposite feelings of the alliance,
Fought mob after mob of miners
To kill the leader of them all,
Both succeeding and failing
Time after time again.

I’ve fought the black knight
Searching for the Holy Grail,
Invaded French territory
While being taunted,
And crossed the bridge of death.

I’ve traveled to many places
Many times, many ways,
To get there and come back,
There and back again.

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