Single For A Long Time Then Taken

January 18, 2011
By , Indianapolis, IN
Some teens and people are taken and some have been single for a long,long time! Me,I've been dating my ex boyfriend for two years or so then in 2010 in 10th grade I broke up with him. Then we went back out but not for long! Because when I went back with him he was already with my best friend:O! Yea that's not right,that's called cheating. So he picked her over me Was I heart broken? A little bit I was and I almost cried Then after that I was single and still was! Then after Christmas break was over and school was opened again This new boy in my class was new at my school and now he's my big crush. I asked him if he has an girl friend and gusse what?! He dose! :( He said he has two girlfriends TWO? ! You can't have two girlfriends or two boyfriends because that's not fair and not right and also your cheating! You dessier better than that and girls do! Actually boys too I think. I'm gonna go out with my best friend cause he asked me out yesterday and so my good friend on MySpace told me that he can't go out with me now cause he has some one esle now soo I want an boyfriend really bad so I'm gonna go out with my bestfriend. If your like me then just be patince just try and that's what I'm doing! Cause you will get a boyfriend or girlfriend at anytime and you'll have plenty of time if your 16,14,15! Two get an hottie ;) hehe lol. TEEN GIRLS DO YOU HAVE AN ABUSIVE BOYFRIEND? If so and if you and him has been dating for 2 years or moer than that and still beating you up then heres what you need to do: Go on the Steve Wilkos show to get help. If he is burning you or anything worst then CALL 911! Leaveve him,dumb him do something! And this is good,really really great adivce! I watch the Steve Wilkos show and the women's always says ''But i love him'' Well when an men is beating you up and crab then that's not love! Take this with you and I hope people will love me already! :) I wanna be somebody's hero or an inprestaion like an star so hope this website works! by: Angela

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DangerousBaby143 said...
Dec. 2, 2011 at 10:09 am
that is so ture
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