Conjoined Together

December 13, 2007
By Melinda Cohoon, Tigard, OR

Endless time twirling in a spiral of confusion
Will these rancid thoughts ever depart?
Wondering how a person can stand my mind altering fusion
Where do you get the heart?

Overcome with mindless passion
Is it good enough?
I know you can’t stand this sort of fashion
And I just say “That’s just tough”

Falling into the abyss of love
Can I stop having dreams of you going away?
You give me a little shove
So I guess its going to stay

Meandered through the canals of time
Never thought we would come out sane?
We really had a difficult clime
If we never met it would be a shame

Love is a bland word that gets thrown around
Most likely people don’t work it out
But when it comes to you and I the word love is the perfect sound
It’s obvious that I love you without a doubt

So when the time comes
When it’s white and clean
I will have finally put the wretch into the slums
And forever I will be your Succubus Fiend (queen)

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