Good Bye

December 13, 2007
By Melinda Cohoon, Tigard, OR

Pouring down in my room, the Angels from hell.
This is not something I can dispell.

Laying breathless, exasperated.
I could not move, I felt belated.

This is the end. Could it truly be?
I thought there was more time, but I didn't see.

There were so many things I should have said.
I feel like I led my life as if I were dead.

If I didn't say it one last time.
Where ever I go, you will fine.

I love you even though I'm leaving.
But you must go on, and keep achieving.

You meant more to me than anything in this life.
So please don't live yours as if you were in strife.

I want to stay, so badly with you.
But I got sick, some days I couldn't believe it was true.

So here is my love, please don't forget.
You were the best man I ever met.

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