January 18, 2011
By meganyup BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
meganyup BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"What will you do with this one wild and precious life?"--Mary Oliver

I fight fire with fire,
I dance beside death,
Unruly, I am,
Feet always in check.
Fear me, I say,
I have come to avenge,
The death of my family
And of my friends.
The sabers were drawn,
By my brethren and me.
We say our last prayers,
Though not one of us dares,
To share we won’t meet again.
We feast tonight on sweet revenge
And blood spilled upon these lands.
Light on my feet,
I parry the blows,
With only a brush
Lightly against my skin
Let the battle begin
Declared by many of foes.
One strike, then another,
And another once more.
No time to think,
Much time for more
Crimson painting the field:
A nightmare so horrid, it could only be real.
Enemies surround,
Dead on the ground,
Next to whom I once loved.
No time to regret,
I’m not quite dead yet,
I think as I’m at swordplay.
Muscles aching, mind so weary,
This is no time to grow faint.
The battle rages,
With such high wages;
Winner takes it all.
Red pours down my brow,
A mixture of blood, sweat and hate.
Then finally arose a cheer from my friends,
Like I never thought it would.
Our enemies accepted defeat.
In my moment of bliss,
Fate gave me the kiss,
That would be my final mistake.
A steel, cold blade planted on my face
Ended my long-sought win.
I took my last breath,
Prayed for quick death,
As I looked that man in the eyes.
He smiled and said,
“You’d look better dead.”
And I crumpled to the ground.
He spun around as I grimaced and said,
“You, Sir, are dead.”
The bulled implanted in the back of his skull,
He collapsed more lifeless than me.
I fought fire with fire.
I dance now with death,
Unruly I was,
But oh, how he didn’t check.
“Fear me,” I said. What a sight,
To those who bring knives to a gun fight.

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