Ode to Counterfeit Liberty

January 18, 2011
By SoMiShught BRONZE, Milan, Indiana
SoMiShught BRONZE, Milan, Indiana
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Lady Liberty, oh how decadent you are
Desecrated and laid bare before a nation
How sweet your taste of corruption and deceit
Lies like ambrosia on an innocent tongue
Oh, my fair Lady! Take me upon your altar
Judge my eccentricities and jail my freedom
For I am but your servant, humble and obliging
Nurture my hatred and swath me in your treachery
Let your pricey smoke and gilded mirrors blind my poor eyes
Take my calloused, hard-working hands with your gentle, delicate fingers
Lead me into your chambers of greed, my Lady
Leave me with a voracious thirst for your artificial knowledge
Satisfy my hunger for your fraudulent hearsay
Let me sit upon your throne of sacrilege and betrayal
And then bind me there in chains of barbwire
Pour salt in every wound, dearest Liberty
For my crimes may not go unpunished
Logical, honorable Lady, berate me for my sins
And show me your faultless ways
As I no longer wish to think for myself
This cumbersome mind is too dangerous left to its own devices
Rein me in, my Lady, and cage my independence
For that is what liberty truly means, is it not?

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