January 15, 2011
You ruined your life,
sadly it's true.
I never knew you to do such a thing,
I was obviously wrog.
You couldn't have me so,
you started calling me a hoe.
Your reasoning I do not know.
You needed a replacement,
hurry and fast.
You went to something that will never last.
The "high" as it's called,
when i found out, i nearly bawled.
I can imagine,
you in your room,
inhailing all those deadly fumes.
You want away from the pain,
away from me,
away from the past.
Your heart racing fast.
I sit here and think,
think of your face flushed pink,
as you walk through the door.
Looking at the one you adore.
But then it came to an end,
and heart do not bend.
You ruined your life,
sadly it's true.

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