December 13, 2007
By Samantha Clement, Destrehan, LA

It is in the small things we handle. When a child rids their first two-wheeler straight into a tree, and gets right back up. Eating your first bite of real food, that actually went in your mouth. Talking to a boy, even though all the girl’s in your class say he has cuties. I stood up.

if you have wanted to quit a sport because were worse then a fish out of water but kept going. If you have seen, the pain friends have gone through with relationships and just want to hide in your own little world of make believe but then you don’t. If you have gone through what it is like to lose a loved one that makes you think you could never love again and you do.

when you can no longer hide from the angel of death as if you were a mouse against a cat you keep on fighting. once you have fought until you have nothing left you will look back at everything you have done in life and have only the amount of energy left to smile as wide as the ocean.

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