The Catalyst of the Angel’s Death

December 13, 2007
The murky dusk set in,
The sun’s radiance dimmed,
And the world sat still on edge,

The only light coming from the trees, and the light they reflected from the full moon.
Their autumnal colors dancing in the subtle breeze
Like fire licking the bottoms of the Heavens
Waiting to be set free.

The subtle breeze swept over the horizon
And played the part of the puppeteer,
Making the leaves dance the dance of helpless sorrow more and more
Until all went silent once again.

And in the void
That lurked over the terrain,
An angel was sent to Earth.

The angel settled to ground,
Wings folded over in grace,
And peered around the Earth
With its gleaming eyes,
And the stars wept and sent icy tears down the angels porcelain face,
For everything seemed tranquil on Earth.

This dilemma seems to be no dilemma at all,
Or at least to the people
With the icy shoulder,
Always facing away from the darkness, remaining in its own darkness.

All of which was shut up, and shut out,
Locked up in a cage with the key swallowed
For the sake of the ignorant people in the world.

A dilemma?
Of course.
The world was tranquil
In the eyes of the naïve inhabitants,
The blind of the world
That let the forgotten remain forgotten,

The world was a lie.
Tranquility was the lie.
Selfish ignorance, the liar.

And when angels cry,
Their glow fades,
Their wings fall apart,
Feathers strewn across the cold ground,
And their gleaming eyes go gray
Until they shut for eternity.
Forged tranquility, the Angel’s catalyst.

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