Standing Here

December 13, 2007
By Shanead Dunkley, Stockbridge, GA

Hello? I’m standing here! I know you see me.
I just thought that it was about time that you knew that I was here; I can’t believe that it took me to yell at you to notice.
Look how well you are doing; everyone knows your name now, just like you dreamed it would be. Yeah, that’s all me.
See I’ve been standing here pushing you to strive toward where you stand today. I see you doing well, thanking people you barely know, but yet, I was never mentioned. And I have been here the whole time.
Have you forgotten or just never known?
Look no one deserves this more than you, but you can’t move on without remembering those who helped you get to that spot you are standing in right now; those who were there first; those who helped you make your mark on this world.
Pushing down the right path, talking you through life’s obstacles; I know you heard me, I know you felt me.
But that’s okay; I still have love for you. And when you figure out who I am, whom you should really be thanking. Just look over because I’m standing right here for you, pushing you to the top, no matter what.

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