December 13, 2007
Time, never stopping, always going at the same pace, unstoppable, imperishable.
Time, it was here before us, and will be here long after us, after the world ends and the universe fails to sustain any more wonders and collapses.
Time will go on.
Time, indestructible, invisible. We fear it, yet depend on it, for it starts our lives, and then ends them, and manufactures every moment in between. Time, giving us emotions, ideas, life.
Time, we are impotent against its invisible form. It will withstand any epidemic or apocalypse that may ever come to harm the existence of any other thing.
Time, we cannot see it hear it or touch it, yet its presence is necessary. Time, showering us with happiness, engulfing us with fear.
Time, it never thrives, nor diminishes, living at the peak of every moment, controlling the world as if it were a puppet on a string.
Forever plotting its course through whatever may occur. Time, unstoppable, incredible, invisible, silent, yet it is there.

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