Dream World

December 13, 2007
By Morgan Gillihan, Shawnee, KS

Open air and cloudy sky
In my mind I freely fly
Left alone here to soar
Lost in my mind’s forgotten lore

Here I can spread my wings
Not bound tightly by society’s strings
I’m free to breathe
And my knife I can sheathe

No more pain
No more fears
I let the rain
Hide my tears

I no longer have to fight
No more chains that hold me tight
I look around and every things gone
But then I hear a bird’s sweet song

A soft simple tune
That raises high to the moon
The bird’s free to soar
And the skies she can explore

No more smog
No more cars
Through the trees I quickly jog
My only companions are the stars

I look around
Not a human can be found
The trees I quickly run through
And I learn everything’s new

The world has been cleansed
Or maybe I’m looking through a lens
Can this be? Is this reality?
Or maybe I have a higher mentality

To see the world as I want
Is this the reason of this jaunt?
Is this just a dream?
Or is it part of an elaborate scheme?

My ideal world
Is this a dream in sleep I’ve twirled?
I’m finally free
I know that now as I walk towards the sea

I feel the serf splash on to my face
But I long for someone’s embrace
I long for someone’s touch
Who’s memory to I now clutch?

Who is the forgotten soul?
Who from me this world has stole?
It no longer seems perfect
Just because of this one defect

Where are you?
How did this memory break though?
I feel so numb
What have I become?

I want you here
I need you near
I would take the pain
I would cry in the rain

I want to feel the fears
I now shed these tears
For that feeling
With powerful emotion’s I’m dealing

This one memory didn’t erase
Before I left, to this baron place
I don’t know if I ever got to tell you
That I love you

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