Why Me...

January 18, 2011
The smell of your scent, the feeling of your warm touch, and memories we shared. You’re not with me anymore. I wonder if you think of me like I think of you. I can still hear you saying the words that broke my heart. Those very words play back in my head over and over again. They just won't stop. I can't bear to say those words because of the pain it causes in my heart, Why? Why Me? Why? You messed up and you lost a real good thing now I’m asking, Why did you hurt me? I wish you knew how bad you hurt me. I just cover up the tears with smiles Why? Why Me? Why? I can't even look at you without pain in my heart. Maybe one day it will pass but for now it hurts me. I still love you. Maybe one day that will pass as well but one thing I know for sure is the pain in my heart will never heal or be forgotten. I know I will never let you see my pain nor will I let you see one tear fall from my eyes. Why? Why Me? Why?

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