Darkness of the Night

December 13, 2007
As I stare out my bedroom window into the night,
The darkness reminds me of all my fright.
I remember all my depression,
All my times of hate.
I remember of a love once lost,
And what she cost.
I remember of how I felt when my heart was torn in two,
And of my thoughts of suicide.

I remember how all those things felt, but,
None of them compare to the feeling of darkness.
The darkness if a black hole in my heart,
And it just grows bigger with every love.
Other times it is the darkness in my soul,
It is an agonizing pain that never goes away.
It just feels like a dagger, going through my heart,
Or like a bed full of nails digging into my skin.
It is a horrible feeling to have, and
I just hope no one has to feel this way when they
Look into the darkness of the night.

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