Forever Forbidden Fates

December 13, 2007
By Sky Darley, Griffin, GA

Now my inner wolf cries out in pain
As I’m held to a wall by a chain
I try so hard to fight my inner me
But I’m surrounded by the enemy

They’ve pinned me to this cold, brick wall with chains of solid silver
And say to each other, “Don’t worry, it will slowly kill her”
I try so hard to stay awake
Wondering, “How much more of my breath will this take?”

Slowly, I realize that I am on the verge of dying
And he’s beside me, my love, hurting and crying
They’ve taken away one of his doves
And now they try to take his one true love

Again my inner wolf cries out in pain
As I try to break loose from this retched chain
He’s fading away on the floor where he lies
And I say to myself, “Don’t let him die”

I fight the power of the silver
The enemy gazes at me in wonder
The chain breaks loose and they stare
As I stand up, I see they are scared
The demon leader steps forward
Then stops and draws a silver sword
I stand and realize that I’m growling
I look and see my love slowly dying

My eyes slowly move back to their master
I try to run and he sends them after
I changed to an angel with no control
Then trip, fall, and barely roll

Lying on my side, consciousness is gone
I barely hear them say, “She can’t be the one”

Slowly I awake, my hands and feet are tied
I am on their master’s shoulders, going back inside
Too weak to move, I can’t escape his hold
“Cooperation,” I think, “I must do as I am told”

He lays me down, on a hard bed
Yet he holds me up by my head
A silver necklace is placed on me
I scream in pain as it sits upon me

Finally, I am too weak to do a thing
I lay there as silent tears are falling
The leader lets go of my head
And watches as it falls and slams into the bed

He says, “Look at the angel,
She’s just so small and fragile”
He smirks, I cry
I think, “Wolfie, wake up. It’s not meant for us to die”

Looking at the demons, I think of my song
And I say to them softly, “It won’t be long”
They look at me with simple confusion
Wondering, in their minds, “what’s about to happen?”

I smile and chuckle
A light shines and breaks the shackles
I get up, still weak from the silver
And run to Wolfie just a little quicker

I touch the chains and watch them break
I kiss him on the cheek for my own heart’s sake
Picking him up, I walk away
Hoping he’ll live another day

They don’t try to fight me, they know they’ll lose
They’re struggling to think, “Who to choose?”
I say to them, “You have no chance.
For you know nothing of true love or romance”

They let me walk, I keep on going
The leader stops me for fear of losing
My lips are faint, my face is pale
I know I won’t live another day to tell this tale
I set Wolfie down on the cold floor
With the demon master between me and the door

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