January 16, 2011
By , Ft. Belvoir, VA
Watch them all disperse,
To a seemingly endless curse,
This place of hope and of dread,
All hope is lost,
All faith is dead,
Kindess is a treat,
Such as sparing an empty seat,
Relief is so rare,
Because there are no empty chairs,
Hostile and insecure,
Can you blame them for having but no cure?
Mindless hate,
What did you do to encounter this fate?
You wonder why those tears had to be shed,
Why the look in their eyes are dead,
Why such violence had to occur,
Why did those demons all concur?
Why are you here?
This place of loneliness, and of dread?
Their hopes and dreams have long since been dead?
Why are you here, lonely and miserable,
A victim to those who who seek pain?
When did these troubles to you came?
Who is to blame?

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