Girl A nameless Face

December 13, 2007
Girl, a nameless face
She is lost in the crowd.
Smiling for all to see.
Eyes watery, trying to hold back tears,
She is
Lost without a name,
No one to turn to,
And unfortunately nowhere to run.
The street is filled with people,
Someone has to know her
Someone has to be able to guide her in the right direction;
Young and alone;
Not her definition of a good time.
Struggling to remember how she got there.
Coming up with a mere nothing!
She soon believes her face won’t even appear on the milk carton!
Because she has no name,
No identity,
No fame,
Not many little girls are famous but every little girl doesn’t have bad memory do they?
May be she did something wrong and this is a punishment from her parents.
Well if she ever remembered having parents maybe that would have been a good idea.
No name,
No identity,
No fame,
No memory,
No parents,
Maybe mysterious
Kind of Absurd




And even outrageous
The police have no case.
This girl has no name.
Girl a nameless face.

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