Past & Future

December 13, 2007
Promising to never open up
Aiming to be tougher than you’d hope
Sticking to the plan until you drop down on one knee
Taking my hand in yours asking me to be your wife, and your future

Years from now
When the past is behind us
Our juvenile traits have slightly advanced
Thinking we know true romance
I quickly take a glance, at you

Knowing what I know now, would have never led me straight to you in my past
How people so drastically change
Mature might I say

Right verses wrong
Good and the bad
You are the love I never had
Mind grows with age
Or so they say

And I smile every time someone mentions your name
Ten years ago I would have said forget
But now I must truly admit it
The future can never be predicted

Fun-filled times when I can’t take my eyes off you
Unknown surprises you’ll buy me to make me smile
Time is all a girl really needs
Until the end of time like Justin Timberlake
Remembering the past always makes us laugh
Every time I look at you I get a glimpse of the past

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