December 13, 2007
What is perfect in ones eyes may not be the same in another’s.
Soft ruby lips.
Flowing blonde locks.
Passionate filled eyes.
Faultless ivory skin.
Is it just a technique that makes one look so exquisite?
A simple technique of airbrushing, or technology that makes someone flawless?
How do these flawless pictures make others feel?
Not as appealing,
or not as beautiful?
Or do they inspire others to fit into conformity?
Maybe it’s the faults and imperfections that make us who we really are.
The not so great hair days,
or the freckles on ones chin.
To be just right does not have to mean one has to be airbrushed or so called “fixed”.
Maybe being the not so “perfect” person really makes you who you are.
And maybe, just maybe, that’s why people will find you unique and true.
And not just airbrushed.

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