The sky and I

January 15, 2011
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I lay alone, with just the cold and desperate sky. So it's just the sky and I. Oh, as well as the stars twinkling like diamonds up high. I lay alone and watch the mist. I lay alone and let it kiss me so swift. Alone, the mist and I, along with the stars and the sky. As I lay with the sky, we watch the mist and the stars. As they combine, they look like her scars. They look like her scars, as they burn and burn. And it makes her a mad woman, because all she can do it yearn. Oh, and it hurts her so, as she watches the wind blow. Then, before we knew it, here comes the snow. So, I dashed inside before it felt like zero below. Then, I spun to the window and.. "Oh, No!" Now, alone she lays. It's just, the mist and the stars. And she's so close, but now, it feels like she's too far. But I pass and glance, every now and then, and I wish I was it back when. And on those warmer days, I'll come back and I'll lay. Alone I lay with just the sky, the mist and the stars. And I think back to the way we were and to the way we now are.

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