I wonder

January 15, 2011
By Anisa_Dawn GOLD, Mt. Clare, West Virginia
Anisa_Dawn GOLD, Mt. Clare, West Virginia
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"Don't go Ninjian somebody who don't need ninjian"

He says he loves me but I wonder. "is he saying' it just to get lucky?" All these emotions come charging at once. And it's so scary because it can all happen with just one certain touch. It's hard because you want to so bad but when it comes to it your just so afraid and sad. Everyone says, "wait and take your time," but you get so caught up in the moment when he says "baby, I love you so much and want you to be all mine." All these questions run threw your head; Is it scary? Does it hurt? I wonder if he's just a flirt? Will it make me sad or will I be glad? Will I cry myself to sleep as the nights go bye? See it all feels so wrong but it all feels so right. I guess I'll never find out until I learn what love is really about.

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