Escaping the End

December 13, 2007
By Anna Reneau, Cabot, AR

I am the help for the young, old, and middle age,
I am the tube that leads inside,
I am the survivor for some,
I am the hatred for others,
I make it easier for some,
Though it can be harder for most,
I can go either way,
I am the door to entrance or even the exit,
I began 5,600 years ago,
But I could cause immense bleeding,
I place myself through the nose for a short time,
Yet through the stomach for a long time,
I hide beneath the clothing,
And I don’t hurt a bit,
Yet people find it hard not to stare,
I can control some people’s health,
I am the giver of food,
I am the cause of tears of both of happiness and sadness,
I am the cause of the distance between two people,
I am known as the feeding tube.

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