I look up at the stars

December 13, 2007
By Chelsea Sokolik, Trempealeau, WI

I look up at the stars,
As I feel the breeze.
And if I were standing,
I’d be weak in the knees.

When I think of you,
My hands start to shake.
It’s midnight now,
But I’m wide-awake.

There flies a shooting star,
A wish I should make.
To rewind time,
So my heart wouldn’t break.

I light the candle,
And see the flame,
Dance around,
Never the same.

I grab the paper,
Oh what a shame,
To burn your picture,
In the flame.

Never again,
Do I want to find,
A memory of you,
In my mind.

You’ve moved on,
It was over last fall,
So why do I sit here,
And wait for your call?

I’ve found someone better,
He genuinely cares,
So listen here buddy,
I don’t like your stares.

The sun will rise soon,
It’s almost dawn,
And I realize now,
That I’ve finally moved on.

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