Creature Stalking

January 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Hidden in the dark of night,
Is a creature stalking.
Moving in the light,
I am walking.

Moving from bush to tree,
The creature is stalking silently.
Looking for me, yes looking for me,
Is the creature stalking silently.

Hearing a growl I take a stop.
Turning around I see eyes red.
The beast's growl, it does not stop,
As I suddenly think 'I am dead.'

The beast it lunges,
I hit the ground with a roll.
The beast it hunches,
With no fear in its soul.

With mind awake,
The realization hits me.
This is my dog I stabbed with a stake.
Woe is me if only I listened to the prodigy.

The dog with revenge it seeks,
Tears at me with vicious intent.
The dog it reeks,
Dead flesh is its scent.

With maw wide open,
Dog reaches for my arm.
With all my might I am hopin',
Please do not let this dog do me harm.

In my arm I feel pain,
And lessons were learned a little late.
If I live it won't be done again,
However; dog's anger I did not sate.

Rushing to my head,
The words from the animal prodigy.
'I said you would be dead,
Why did you not listen to me?'

If only I listened,
I would not have been maimed.
As blood glistened,
Dog my life has claimed.

The author's comments:
Animal abuse inspired this writing while I am trying to get across to people that abusing animals will come back to haunt them later.

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