I Can Make a Difference By...

December 13, 2007
By Stephanie Deen, Jonesboro, AR

Wiping someone’s teary eyes-
Life’s too short to merely cry.
Reserving a genuine smile for those
Who can’t see past their stubby nose.
Call up a friend so very ill;
You never know how it might make them feel.
Acknowledging someone’s panicked look
And picking up their scattered books.
Say “thank you” to workers behind the scene;
Without them life would be so mean.
There is no need for black and white;
Add vibrant color to the dim light!
Be the only Jesus your neighbor may see.
Say a special prayer down on your knees.
Shake hands with dignity and pride.
Don’t be afraid! There’s nothing to hide!
Go against the worldly flow,
Be yourself and just say “No!”
Tiny pebbles create everlasting waves;
What’s your legacy? Why don’t you engrave?
Volunteer your time to serve.
Spread compassion, joy, and verve.
Turn upside down to right side up
And an empty to an overflowing cup.
Write a simple, encouraging note.
Jump on board and rock the boat!
Paint a vivid picture like the heavenly sky.
It’s not too late! The time draws nigh.

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