December 12, 2007
By Carlos Soriano, McDonough, GA

I am intelligent, educated, and not easily fooled.
I thirst for knowledge, a thirst that will never be quenched.
Challenges are exciting; they fulfill the mind.
And a love of learning arises from deep inside.

Knowledge grants power, and provides wisdom as well.
It intrigues, and generates further questions to be answered.
It explains countless phenomena, and yet it is a phenomenon itself.
No limitations can restrict the freedom that knowledge grants.

For it is something that cannot be taken away.
Neither can it be unlearned or forgotten.
Because the gaining of knowledge is a primal instinct, existing in all of us.
It is fulfilling, deep, and yet still readily accessible.

No amount of learning is ever enough.
Whether it be formal or informal, we constantly learn new things.
These new discoveries nourish the desire to learn that churns inside.
Providing another purpose and joy to life.

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