I am me. Not anyone but me.

December 12, 2007
By Laura Sabo, Helena, AL

I am me. Not anyone but me.
I am not easily pressured, offended, or ignored.
I am singing in the shower and giving praises to my Lord.
I am not playing Candyland because I’ve forgotten how.
I am living fun and free since there is no time like now.
I am not afraid to admit I cannot ride a bike.
I am a friend of animals, of cats and dogs alike.
I am not hesitant to save lives in a swimming pool.
I am at a loss for the words to explain why I’m his fool.
I am not big on drama, confrontation, or conflict.
I am a baseball fanatic hoping my favorites will be picked.
I am not fond of sleet or snow; the beach is where I rest.
I am a former tennis player because it became a pest.
I am not ready to graduate and leave this cherished place.
I am however ready to have a fresh start and new face.
I am not you, for I am me. Not anyone but me.

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