Can't Let Go

January 3, 2011
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I let you sink beneath my skin,
Thinking this love would never end.
I let you take control of me.
Every touch of yours was oh so sweet.
I let you change what I want from you.
I want it all; Show me what you can do.
I let you push me as far as I can go.
I pushed you away, but now I want more.

I want your body on top of mine,
and we'll just stay together entertwined.
I want you to pin me up against the wall.
I want you to catch me when I fall.
I want you to want what I want again.
I want you to realize you're more than my friend.

I wish all your love would forever flow through me.
I wish that I was the only one you see.
I wish I could lay my head on your chest,
and that we could be there forever and rest.
I wish I could be with you everynight,
and see that smile that brightens my life.

I thought I could just let you go;
For a while I did, but these feelings still grow.
I thought I could trust you with my heart,
but you're breaking it slowly the more we're apart.
I thought I'd never fall in love at this age,
But I'm halfway there. Break me out of this cage.
I thought I'd tell you and you'd want me back.
My life's gone downhill cause it's you I lack.

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