January 14, 2011
I wish,
Wish I new more,
Wish I hadn’t gone,
Wish I wasn’t so stupid,
Wish I could have seen…
New more about life,
Hadn’t gone so far away,
So stupid to not go after you,
Saw how much I truly loved you,
And everything was a mistake,
In my part…
And finally pierced my heart,
Making me see,
Making me be,
Be who I want to be,
Not who he wants me to be,
Making me see,
How much I need you in my life,
How much I wish you were here,
How much I wish I would die…
Die in a hole,
I don’t deserve as much as you give me,
I just don’t understand,
What there is in life for me,
Before to long,
Who would want to keep going through it,
And start throwing a fit,
Its just all so hard,
You never know what’s going to happen,
Then it hits you…
You don’t know who,
You don’t even know why,
Your life is passing,
Passing right before your eyes,
Your not ready to say your goodbyes,
But you look around,
To see your underground,
All you feel is pain,
Pain going threw your arm,
You never wanted to harm,
You see blood,
The pain you can not bare,
Bare to look what you have done,
Done to yourself,
You look,
As you get hooked,
Hooked on what you see,
And who you really don’t want to be,
I am so hurt…
The cuts are so deep,
As I weep,
Weep for the love and hurt for you,
I wish you understood,
I wish you would walk to me,
I wish for you to be happy…
Happy because you have it all,
Seeing you in the hall,
Lets hope I don’t ball…
Ball because I stand there hopeless,
Hopeless and speechless,
All I want is your joy,
Joy in life,
To see what’s really out there,
All I would wish for,
All I do wish for,
“for your happiness,
For your joy,
For your life to go to the beyond…
Beyond the whole world,
Beyond where no one else has gone before.”
That’s what I wish for…

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