Last chance.

January 14, 2011
My heart is racing,
From all this stuff I am facing,
My words are all slurring,
And as I start hurrying,
My mind is passing by,
I never want to say goodbye,
The tears streaks start coming,
And as I start humming,
Nothing could get in the way,
As we both lay,
Memories start going threw my head,
As we are on the bed,
The kisses are so passionate,
The kisses are so nationally,
My mind is in a blur,
As I pet Lily’s fur,
This is my last chance,
This is my time to show,
To get rid of my foe,
I love you so much,
We stick together like glue,
I want everything to do with you,
You are my teddy bear of life,
My world evolves around you.,
Who would ever guess,
Or even so much to confess,
This is my last breath,
My last chance to say,
“I need you in my life…”

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