A Thousand Pieces of Hate

December 12, 2007
By Marcell Meeds, Nine Mile Falls, WA

She's lying alone, awake at night,
Staring at these closing walls.
Awaiting for you to come home,
Waiting for the screams, the hit, the knock out.
Screaming so loud,
Her heart explodes in to a thousand pieces
Of hate.
Please! No! Stop it! Your hurting me!
Her bruises seem to heal, but her blood seems to stain.
Hit her again.
See the pain in her eyes you've caused.
Trigger her suicidal dreams.
Your killing her soul anyways.
Pushing her when she speaks, hit the wall, the stair, the floor.
She awakes, her headache seems to blank him out.
Hearing those sirens,
The red & blue lights flash in front of his eyes.
"What have I done?"
She awakes in and empty white ER room.
Forgetting what has happened.
He shows up in her dreams, dark & angry.
She's screaming now, her pain has poured out.
"Just want a normal life!"
Breathing quickly, He walks in.
Flowers & Balloons.
Fix the pain.
Three years he's been sober now.
It's the beginning of her Normal life.
Or so she thought
Standing next to the closing walls,
The arguing continues,
Push her again.
She's screaming now
Please! No! Stop it! Your hurting me!
Every night it's something new

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