My Brother's Fight

December 12, 2007
By Jen Gunshore, Harding, PA

I am the voice,
the voice for the one's who can't speak.
The one's who we carelessly use,
because they are so weak.
I open others eyes with the truth,
the shame upon us heavy,
because the blame upon us true.
Don't close your eyes upon our brothers,
weak and frail.
Speak up everytime you hear their wail,
a cry for help heard,
though they can't utter a word.
I fight my brothers fight,
because I know what's right.
The world today,
is not the way,
we should treat our humble beasts.
Through the land,
there is no hand,
never an offer for peace.
Even when they are covered in red,
wearily fighting for a breath,
then dead, the sin of death.
The sin of death that is upon us, shall never go away,
till deaf ears are made to hear,
the sorrow that has no speech.

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