Friends; A Deadly Sin?

December 12, 2007
By Marcell Meeds, Nine Mile Falls, WA

The sarcasm has finally caught up & there is no going back
Friendships are chaos; forget the apologies
Can't believe this is happening
Gone forever; for as it seems

Blurry as can be, our friends, our saviors
Funny word; be friends; another deadly sin?
Silly races, in our minds, our dreams
Write some more; it will make you feel poor

A rhyme? for me? nah.
Just let her be.
A friend at once; rivals we become
Making my head spin; once or twice

When your not there;
It hurts so bad; It stabs me in the back
All our memories have no meaning now
Wanting to die; everytime i see your face

Destroy me now; rubbish
Thou are not faithful?
Who is to know; unless to be told.
Secrets mean nothing now

Be frightened at what I have to say
I know you will be
You dread on what they think of thee
Dont remember? You will see, didnt I see you crying?

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