A Rash Rampage

December 12, 2007
By Marcell Meeds, Nine Mile Falls, WA

Act out in a hasty manor
Forgiveness is a lie
Benevolent hearts; shatter with disgust
Give the impression of being deceased
Force your love out of my path
And its artificial existance

Put out of sight my face
For it has no meaning; no longer
Consider the past; to believe the future
Believing is overrated; for the moment
Memories have been forgotten

Express you amusement somewhere else
It wont help you hide the shame you've cost
A wise man once said
"Shame is nothing to be ashamed of
Considering you're already shameful to begin with"

Stung in the eye; wanting to see
My rose has now bled; forever let it be red
Cant believe you fail to remember
Blind me; and I'll overlook your innocence
A Rash Rampage; in my mind

Fighting myself; all alone
Independence has overcome
Love the one's we've lost
More than the one's we have yet to lose?
Yes a strong Rash Rampage; in my mind

Your love has a virtue over me
Twisted mentally or physically?
Being forced to understand
Someone with no morals at all?
You are a Rash Rampage; in my mind

Hunger has risen
Feeding on my pain
Crushing the unpredictable hearts; we have forgotten
Jealousy is the immaturity; I've lost it
Forget the lie; forgive me now
Remember our greatness; our joy

Hostility between relationships
Awar in our minds
Speaking deadly words
Our language couldnt explain; agony
Rioting among our children

Infer the Rash Rampage
Never get around the past
This mentality has creeped upon us
Insane? Just an overrated thought.

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