December 10, 2007
By Shelby Mallory, Boise, ID

History repeats itself
As the day grows older,
The Demons that I conquered
Lingering over her shoulder.

I see their laughter
I see her pain
I’ve felt it, too
She’s not insane.

I conquered the demons
Though my battle still rages
It seems to have spread
An illness, contagious.

I’ll be there for her
Like she was there for me
I’ll help her fight them
So they’ll let her be free.

Only she cannot destroy them,
These demons that lurk
But I’ll stand by her side,
I’ll make it sure it’ll work.

She’s my best friend
I won’t let her down.
I’d conquer the world
Just to reverse her frown.

The illness has spread,
She feels it, too
Wipe the tears from your eyes, girl…
I’m always here for you.

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