Societal Incoherence

January 14, 2011
By flatstuff SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
flatstuff SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Many people believe they are entitled to things of prestigious value. I know for a fact that people were never as materialistic or needy as they are now. People that come from a high Ilk think that they are expected to get something from their parents like a full ride to an Ivy League college. This mentality of “I get anything that I want” is very degrading because in reality you really can’t have everything.

They way that I was brought up was that you had to work for your remunerations. Everything came with a price. If you wanted something big like a car you would have to work longer and hard to get to your goal. All of these kids who get expensive cars from their parents are just spoiled and will never know what it’s like to work for what they want. The reason I think that people are like is because that’s the way they were raised by their parents who past it down.

What I would like is to have people realize that nobody deserves anything. And when they do get something they are blessed and fortuitous to get it. I would also like to see placards out on the advocating for hard work. If I was to pick some materialistic thing to have, I would have a nice car or house.
I think that the reason that I want these things is because I think that many people will see you as a cooler person if I have these things. But I know that in the end those things will not be integral to me when I die.

I think that many people don’t want to work for what they want. They need to realize that in life a little hard work can go a long way.

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