Life choices, love choices.

December 10, 2007
You have him forever,
Or so you think,
As the love you watch float,
Starts to sink.
No one can see it,
But it’s happened before,
You wait for the cops,
To knock on your door.

To tell you they found him,
With kids, he’s high,
But right at that moment,
Your watching love die.
You knew it was coming,
Because he didn’t think,
Your love disappearing,
Before you can blink.

He’s turning into
Your old guy,
The one you hate,
Because he chose to get high.
But you’re there to help him,
It’s all okay,
But you knew in your head

It would come to this day.
So now he’s addicted,
And what’s there to do?
Just sit there and wait for him to come to you?
Just like the other,
You can’t help but state,
He showed at your birthday,
Two hours late.
All because of your “buddy”
Your “friend”
He brought that old boy,
Straight to an end,

And as it rubs off
To the one you love now,
He watches your smile,
Go straight to a frown.
But don’t say no!
You can’t thrust guilt,
Because in his mind,
That’s how you’re built.
“Don’t do this”
“Don’t you love me?”
But you’re not like that,

And that, he can’t see.
You care for him
More than anyone,
But don’t say anything,
Or else, “we’re” done.

Just hope for the best,
That’s all you can do,
And hope in the end,
He still loves you.

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