What has this world done to you?

December 10, 2007
She is scared of everything, she barely goes outside
And when she does, she makes quite sure that there’s somewhere to hide
She hears voices inside her head; they tell her that she’s seen
All day, all night, the tormented girl asks them what they mean
They laugh at her, they joke at how the others stop and stare
People say she’s going insane, or she’s already there
She doesn’t know if she’s still fine or if she ever was
All she knows is she hears things that no one else ever does
She locks herself in a dark hole so she cannot be seen
And makes sure she can’t move around and throws away the key
All day, all night, she sits in here, so no one can see her
So then they cannot see what she does and make her insecure
They tell her they’re not watching her, and no one knows her past
But many times, they’ve lied to her, hows this time different from last?
She doesn’t listen to what they say, she won’t believe their lies
She doesn’t know how to deal with her feelings of despise
So wronged, she feels all of the time, so hating with no cause
And buried deep beneath her timeless stupid human flaws
So what to do? Is she okay? Will she ever really know?
What does this mean? Why is she here? Why can’t she ever go?
But how to stop this spinning and screaming in her head?
There’s nothing that could help her now, unless she could be dead.

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