Could be there, true love

December 10, 2007
Could be there, true love
Unfailing, unfading
Between crow and dove
With nothing else aiding?
In all that they feel
And things that they think
Could their love be real?
Their heartbeats in sync?
And even if so
Could love such as this
Hold together though
Things may go amiss?
Forever devoted,
The dove is to the crow
The dove’s love is quoted
The crow’s is not so
The crow’s heart is different
As black is to white
And its fullest extent
Lasts just through the night
The dove selects none other
Than one partner for life
The two provide each other
With love, pure and rife
The crow, when it’s alone
Can fly with a friend
But nothings set in stone
Or lasts until the end
The dove chooses forever
‘Till past death do they part
And changing minds, they never
For they have exchanged hearts
But crows, as we’ve seen
Once left by a friend
Will not wait around
Until their own end
They’ll simply move on
And find someone new
To share with, the air
To guide through the blue

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