I look around, and see it

December 10, 2007
I look around, and see it
The leaping, licking blue flames that build this fire
And I let it consume me
All the while, myself, claiming that this is something other than the flames all around me
A special kind that burns deeper
The kind of flames
That consume those around me
And they don’t even cringe at the smell of their own burning flesh
But I have to wonder
Am I really that different from what I see as below me?
Am I put up high, because I can’t cope with the burns as well as others?
Am I treated like I am out of pity that I can’t handle my own small flames with the help of the seas?
Am I shining a light on myself that I claim to not see?
Am I just screaming louder than the rest out of inferiority, yet they see it as superiority?
Am I the same as all of the others, but I want to be more?
Am I making myself into something I’m not?

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